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Clearing Negativity with Apache Tears

One of the great things about crystals and stones is that they can take on whatever meaning or power you want or are looking for. You are the true healer of your own life, if you believe in yourself and the energy that you bring to the world; there is nothing that can stop you. When you use crystals or stones in your meditation practice, carry them with you at work, or place them close to your bed at night, you are taking control of your life with the help of something you believe in and that is what’s so wonderful and compelling about crystals and stones.

But, sometimes what makes a particular type of crystal or stone even more fascinating is the stories, legends, or myths that surround it. Apache Tears is one of these stones, a supremely powerful stone that has its own fascinating legend. And it’s for this reason that Apache Tears is one of our favourite stones (although who are we kidding we love them all).

The Legend of Apache Tears

A group of Apache Indians warriors were ambushed by a party of their enemies. They fought them for as long as they could and with was much bravery has they had. But, as they ran out of arrows they were forced to retreat to the top of a high cliff to escape their enemies. Once there, with no arrows left to continue to fight, they decided that they were unwilling to surrender and be taken captive so they jumped from the cliff and fell to their death. When they’re wives, mothers, sisters, and children found their bodies they wept for their brave brothers, fathers, sons, and husbands. For every tear that hit the sandy white soil, a black stone was formed; this is the legend of how Apache tears were created.

The legend also says that anyone who owns an Apache Tears stone will never have to cry again, as the family members of the warriors who lost their lives, shed enough tears on that day.

The Healing Powers of Apache Tears

Because of this legend, Apache tears have now become one of the best stones to use in times of sorrow, negativity, and sadness. Apache Tears are a typeof Obsidian and therefore have many of the same metaphysical attributes as Obsidian but tends to work much slower and gentler. Many find that Apache Tears have much kinder and friendlier vibrations than other Obsidian stones and therefore favour them for trying and difficult moments in their lives.

The Metaphysical Properties of Apache Tears

  • Help to recognize and resolve both conscious and subconscious misunderstandings
  • Allows you to be open and willing to the acceptance of higher spiritual knowledge
  • Provides the support you need during the most difficult times in your life
  • Allows you to break free of your sadness, fear, and stress
  • Gives you the support you need to find self-acceptance
  • Helps your heart to move on from past problems and disappointments
  • Encourages spontaneity and helps you clear self-limiting barriers
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Provides protection for your aura
  • Grounds you mentally, physically, and spiritually

Using Apache Tears in Your Daily Life

As we all deal with our own issues, negativity, and sadness, Apache Tears are a powerful tool that anyone looking to clear negativity and work on their own happiness can benefit from.

As a Healer

If you are working as healer or helping others with their spiritual development, Apache Tears are a great way to help ground both you and those that you are working with. Apache Tears work with the energy of the Root Chakra and will move any unnecessary energy, negative or otherwise, down into the Earth Chakra.

As Someone Working on Their Depression

Apache Tears have an unparalleled ability to lend support, strength, and energy during times of sorrow, unhappiness, and depression. The grounding properties of Apache Tears can facilitate deep and meaningful healing as they will allow you to see what the true issues are. They can also help you find hope in the grimmest of situations.

As Someone Trying to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups are never easy and often can lead to negative and useless thoughts about yourself and the relationship you once shared. Apache Tears can be used to help you break these cycles as they are particularly good as calming, relieving stress, bringing forth positive thoughts, and enhancing logical thinking. These are all important tools that can be used to move on from a breakup and to create a plan of action for your new life.

As Someone Dealing with a Death

Dealing with the death of anyone is one of the most difficult and personal things that you can go through in your life. Because of this it can be hard to suggest one particular stone or crystals to aid in the healing process, but for those who wish to release their grief and move on from their sadness, Apache Tears are a great stone to have while you work through this period of healing.

For even more information on Apache Tears, click here.

Listen to Your Needs

Apache Tears can aid in the clearing of unwanted negativity and help ground you so that you can take full advantage of what your life has to offer, but you must listen to yourself and your needs and always do what feels right for you. 

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May you walk in the sunshine and may a rainbow always touch upon your shoulder :)

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